Loofamai jailbreak – iOS 9 to iOS 9.3.2

Loofamai jailbreak was the world first prank jailbreak tool and developers mainly focused April 1 world foolish day.

However, iOS 9.3.1 and 9.3 running iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users downloaded this tool for full functions jailbreak.  However, you cannot use Loofamai for remove Apple root access even full functions jailbreak not available for iOS 9.3.1 / 9.3 / 9.2.1 and 9.2 versions.

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Get iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus new features to older iPhones

This post teaches you to get the iPhone 6S functions to old iPhones using Jailbreak.

Full functional jailbreak is not available for the latest iOS versions such as iOS 9.1, 9.2 and 9.2.1. Partial Jailbreak didn’t add many of functions to your old devices. Therefore don’t upgrade your old device to get the iPhone 6S/6S plus functions.

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Cydia Impactor for iOS 9 jailbreak

The Cydia installer Developer, Saurik releases Cydia Impactor.jailbreak remove tool. With Cydia impactor you can remain same iOS version and even without loosing rejailbreak ability.

Currently, it only supports iOS 8.1 through iOS 8.4 versions, and there is a beta version for iOS 9 – 9.0.2 versions. some time it will release after iOS 9.2 jailbreak. You can add Cydia Impactor iOS 9 support beta version through saurik Cydia Impactor source.

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