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During iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus introducing event Apple hinted 3D Touch feature. This is very similar to Apple Watch and MacBook Force Touch feature. However, as per Apple technicians and Apple Developers 3D Touch is Enhance version of Force Touch.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Devices can identify users Touch input pressures and open up different type of actions according to Touch pressures. So 3D Touch HomeScreen is react three types of pressures such as Tap / Light press and Hard Press.  The older iPhone models only have Tapping / Swiping and Pinching and 3D Touch has new feature, which is called Peek and Pop.  The Peek is reacting for lighter press, and Pop is reacting for lighter press.

3D Touch mostly available Apple applications right now and Developers will enhance for other applications in the future.  Even 3D Touch only available iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models only and do not get Misunderstand, 3D Touch is not a feature of iOS 9 versions.

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3D Touch Work Process

Basically when you want to open specific application on the older iPhone model, first you have to press icon on the Home screen. After then you have to go through the application menu to navigate.  However, in 3D Touch just press hardly HomeScreen icon and then after will pop up menu shortcuts.


How to enable and disable 3D Touch?

Open Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch > Enable and Disable


How to Adjust Touch sensitivity?

Open Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch > Adjust


Can get 3D Touch features with jailbreak?

Yes below iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Device users can install similar 3D Touch functions through jailbreak. Therefore, you should perform your Device with the compatible jailbreak tool. However, most of the iOS users does not have enough knowledge to identify correct jailbreak tool.  So we recommended checking below page and get the most compatible jailbreak tool and guide according to your Device and iOS version.

Jailbreak methods and guides


After successfully jailbroken iOS Users can install jailbreak tweak which provide same features of 3D Touch.

3D Touch feature available jailbreak tweak

Tactful jailbreak tweak

iOS 9 users can Download it from BigBoss source as free of cost. However, still supports to Cydia Application. After Download users can do following things with Tactful.

Source Refresh

Add Source

Check and view recent Installations

Cydia Search

Tactful 2_iphone6plus_gold_portrait copy



iOS 8 and later users can Download ForceTouchActivator jailbreak tweak through BigBoss Source for as free. ForceTouchActivator cannot identify your finger pressures. However, still tweak can open different gestures according to your finger pressures.

forcetouchactivatior_iphone6plus_gold_portrait copy




iOS 9 Jailbroken users perfectly matched for Download Forcy jailbreak tweak. After download iOS 9 users can use similar 3D Touch gestures.  Still Forcy not well set with every iOS Application. So if you are interesting with Forcy check BigBoss source.

forcy_iphone6plus_gold_portrait copy


Screen protector and 3D Touch

Basically, most of the iPhone owners are applying Screen protectors for safe handle. So Apple confirms to apply Apple Company’s guidelines followed Screen protectors.  Apple said unofficial Screen protectors cannot identify the correct amount of finger pressures.


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