Why should you attend to iOS hacking?

If you really interest to learn iOS hacking we recommend to visit to following website. In this time very few hackers are attending to exploit iOS jailbreak. Many companies is offering millions of dollars to iOS hackers

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At the moment TaiG / PP / Pangu8 / Pangu are the leading jailbreak tool Developers. All Developers released the jailbreak tool after long difficult period and long research. However, at the moment, anyone can release jailbreak and therefore only need to learn about iOS hacking. However, these days there are huge advantages which can release jailbreak for current iOS versions.

Money offers for jailbreak exploit

Recently, Zerodium team announced $1 million price for jailbreak hackers. So jailbreak tool Developers can claim Zerodium $1 million price by releasing proper jailbreak tool according to Zerodium team guide lines.


Monthly earnings

iOS Hackers are earning unbelievable prices from user’s donations. A little while ago Andy Greenberg, the news researcher from Forbes newspaper had a research how much the average of jailbreak exploit are earnings. According to him, iOS Hackers are earning more than other platform hackings.

jailbreak earn chart


After released proper jailbreak solution, can be popularity in jailbreak community. At the moment, Saurik / iH8sn0w / i0n1c / MuscleNerd / Comex / P0sixNinja are individual hackers are the jailbreak community. At the moment, more than 800 million of Apple mobile Devices sold by Apple Company to be worldwide. So Hackers have great chance to popular in worldwide just like celebrities.


Travel worldwide

In every year having hackers meeting and conferences, so iOS hackers have great chance to travel worldwide meetings.

i0n1c travel 1i0n1c travel 2

Previous jailbreak conferences
HackPwn2015 security conference Shanghai, China
Jailbreak Brewing security summit May 8, 2015 Washington
JailbreakCon June 20-21 San Francisco
MOSEC (Mobile Security Conference) Shanghai, China

Jobs with good salary

A recent past Apple offers good job with hi salary for iOS Hackers. So iOS Hackers can earn money more than iOS Hacking. Recently well popular IOS Hackers Winocm / Comex and Peter Hajas joint Apple Company.

comex apple

wincom apple

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