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Apple Pay

Apple pay is leading mobile payment system and digital wallet for iPhone 5 and later models and iPad Air / iPad Mini 3 Devices. These Device model users can make any payments with Apple Pay as secure. After connect to an Apple pay system, no longer requires use any type of visa card or debit card to make when make payments.
payment system

Apple pay security

It is never unsecured your any personal informationís / Transaction data or credit card and Debit card details. If your credit card or Debit card goes to other hands, he can make any payments easily. However, with Apple pay you are secure.  When connect to Apple pay, you can make passcode set or can use passcode on your specific Device.

Apple pay and jailbreak

For the jailbreak users Apple pay is effecting because most of the jailbreak tools are required to disable Passcodes and Touch ID before the start the jailbreak process. However, without disable them, you cannot make the full jailbreak process.  So after disable those, your Apple pay will be reset and will delete all saved Credit card and Debit card details. This is the main problem for jailbreak users.

How will effect i0n1c iOS 8.4 jailbreak for Apple Pay

As point out above, iOS users should disable Passcode and Touch ID before start jailbreak. This process is highly affecting Apple Pay system process. Once release new jailbreak tool for new IOS release, it will affect.  So IOS 8.4 is the upcoming jailbreak process, and i0n1c already found a method to jailbreak it. So we are highly hoping his IOS 8.4 jailbreak process, i0n1c will not add this Passcode and Touch ID disables process.

Any other risk factors for Apple pay

Apple Pay is very uncomfortable and there are risk factors than you think. The main problem is Touch ID. So Touch ID is not secure one, and anyone can make it as mold.  At the moment there are so many hackers, and they can do anything even they can hack your Device and finger print.

Compare Apple Pay and Paypal

Once released Apple pay system, it makes competition for PayPal merchant system. However, PayPal can use everywhere and every platform even Apple Devices.  Apple Pay still available on some specific countries even can make payments some specific stores and older Apple Device cannot use Apple Pay system.
However, as secure Apple Pay have advanced because PayPal is connecting with Email login details and any hacker can hack the account easily.  After hack your account, hackers can be reset email ID / login details and can remove Bank card. As Apple pay, it is not easy even if lost your Device, can find it with Find My iPhone feature.