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On 2007 while on first iPhone unveil live event, Tim Cook said “Who wants a stylus? You have to get them and put them away and you lose them. Yuck. Nobody wants a stylus, so let’s not use a stylus”. So right after 8 years Apple change their procedure by releasing First styles. It is Apple Pencil.

So Apple pencil is first digital styles of the Apple incorporation, and it will be released under iPad Pro Device on next November month.

Unlike other styles brands which are introduced Microsoft and Samsung, Apple pencil is communicated with screen through Bluetooth functions. The most advantage feature is Apple Pencil can detect users handling (pressure).  According to users, pressure’s Apple Pencil can submit different types of activities’ example it is can give the different type of strokes such as Dark and lighter depending of users handle pressures.

Unlike other Styles brands, Apple Pencil has highly a response point sensor. So Apple Pencil give quality output more than finger handle.

Apple pencil drew Apple

Features of Apple Pencil

Battery life

Apple pencil has best battery life more than any other Apple products. With full charge of Battery life, you can use up to 12 hours.  The best feature is if Battery drain while on working just plugged it to your iPad Pro for 15 Seconds and after, then you can use it up to 30 minutes.

Apple pencil charge 2

Charging with Lightning

Apple Pencil has Lightning you can charge the Apple Pencil battery with iPad Pro internal battery. So you no longer need to use separate charging system for Apple Pencil charge.

Apple Pencil charge


Third party App compatible

Apple already updated built – in Notes / Mail applications to be computable newly arrive Apple Pencil. Furthermore, Apple Pencil supports Third party Drawing applications.


Disadvantages of Apple Pencil


Limited support

Apple Promoted Apple Pencil as iPad Pro accessory. So Apple Pencil cannot use other iPad Devices such as Pad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini with retina (iPad Mini 2), iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 Devices. This is a big disadvantage of the Apple Pencil and Developers should be betterment for compatible other iPad Devices.


Slippery Design

There is little slippery Design on Apple Pencil and users cannot handle Pencil grip strongly. So Developers should redesign grip for handle more firmly.



Most of the other Mobile Devices gives stylus as built-in accessory. However, Apple puts extra $99 value for Pencil Device.


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