Apple Rootless security will make iOS 9 jailbreak impossible

Jailbreak is going to be difficult than the present situation because as per some news source’s Apple now working on kernel-level security for upcoming iOS 9 and OS X. it is called Rootless.  So as name saying future jailbreak will be more difficult to hacking.

Now jailbreak like a war one side Apple putting more security to prevent hacks and from other sides `jailbreak developers searching security hole of iOS version.


Jailbreak Developers response for future jailbreak

Before arrive Apple Rootless jailbreak confirmation, Keen jailbreak team / PP assistant jailbreak team and Pangu8 jailbreak team make confirmation on jailbreak, respective iOS 9 jailbreak / iOS 8.4 jailbreak and iOS 8.3 jailbreak. This Rootless will be a lot of interrupters for Keen team jailbreak because they are working on iOS 9 jailbreaks.

So if Apple put Rootless for future iOS release, nothing much can do about it, and jailbreak developers could not be access to find Apple security patches.

Will jailbreak developers able to break rootless?

As per things are going, Rootless will be unbreakable, and it will be the huge blow for jailbreak community. After 8.1.3 jailbreak killed, all jailbreak tools stuck long time and finally TaiG and PP hacked successfully. So this is great thing and all thought after 8.1.3 jailbreak killed, any Developer could not be an able release jailbreak. So Rootless also would be groundless fear.

iOS 9 update warning

Now it is on first beta and Apple will update it to final release in near future. After make final update, iOS 9 will arrive with OTA support. So we are highly recommended stay away from iOS 9 update unless really wants to update.

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