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On last Hey Siri event Apple introduced iPad Pro Device with new Pencil and Smart KeyBoard accessories. In Apple history never released Separate KeyBoard. Actually, it is not only KeyBoard and it is come with built in Smart Cover.

keyboard new

Features of Smart KeyBoard

Water proof

Unlike other KeyBoards, Apple KeyBoard have Water Proof facility because there are no gaps between keys and surface. Additionally, KeyBoard have dust and stain free surface.  Even it is made by three types of materials such as first layer – durable polyurethane / Second layer Conductive fabric and third layer made by Microfiber lining.

apple keayboard newApple keyboard

Smart Connector

While using any other separate KeyBoards, you have to plug to use cable to deliver Power and Data. However, Apple KeyBoard have enhanced powerful communication between Keyboard and iPad Pro with new powerful Smart Connector.  So Apple iPad Pro KeyBoard have a new conductive material which is can deliver both Power and Data. Even you do not want to charge KeyBoard while on typing and just plug Smart Connector and continue your work.

Apple keyboard connectior


New shortcuts

On Screen Shortcuts

Unlike other Keyboards, iPad Pro Smart KeyBoard have on screen Bold / Italicize / Underline / Copy and Paste options. Even users can use it for customized third party applications.


Short cuts for Time Saving

iPad Pro Smart KeyBoard is providing more shortcuts commands such as Switching between apps / Search option / interact your apps. So navigate those options use Control / Option and Command keys.

keyboard short cuts


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