Change iOS Boot logo

White color Apple logo is the default Boot logo of the Apple. Apple is not allowing to regular users to change Apple boot logo or animation of the logo. So if you interest to remove boring Apple default logo, you should apply jailbreak.

There are thousands of tweaks available in jailbreak community to replace default logo and replace animation.

With this tutorial, you can get the most compatible jailbreak tweak for customize Apple Boot logo.



With this jailbreak tweak, users can change logo color and background color. After install the tweak users can apply any color to Boot logo and background from setting panel color picker.  Atomikpanda is the Developer of the tweak, and it is available in BigBoss source for $1.

Compatible with iOS 8 installed Devices


Apple Logo Scatter

With this tweak, users can explode and icon will shatter in to a million pieces. After this animation, it will come back to the heartbeat. iGoof is the Developer of the tweak and available in Modmyi source for free.

Compatible with iOS 4.2.1 installed Devices

Apple Logo Scatter full

Apple loading Circle

This tweak will add circular loading bar to Apple boot logo. This is only animation of this tweak, and no setting changes available in the tweak. The Mail268 is the Developer of the tweak and available on ModMyi source for free.

Apple loading Circle full

Android BootLogo

With these tweak installations, Apple users can replace the default logo to Android boot logo. In this, tweak has been shattering effect when it replaces to Apple default to android. The Monkstyle is the Developer of the tweak and available in ModMyi source for free.

Compatible with iOS 4.2.1 Devices


Risk factors of boot logo change

Apple normally not allowing users changes or modifies default IOS settings. The boot logo change is not a simple one. If you mess up in the modify process, your Device will brick.  So if something has gone wrong during boot logo change, you cannot claim to Apple warranty.


Boot logo stuck errors after OTA update

Many users having Boot logo stuck issue after using OTA updates. On last iOS 7 – 7.0.x versions users had bad boot logo stuck.

Last time on iOS 7 series jailbreak, OTA update makes jailbreak failures and stuck on boot logo. The evasi0n team warned to all iOS users do not use OTA feature to upgrade iOS version to avoid boot logo stuck.

boot logo 1

boot logo 2 boot logo 3

Older jailbreak tools with own boot logo

Some older jailbreak tools have own boot logos such as Sn0wbreeze / Redsn0w / Pwnage jailbreak tools. After jailbroken with these jailbreak tools, you will have their boot logos. However, users can replace it to original Apple boot logo.

boot logo pwnage

boot logo snowbreeze

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