Get iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus new features to older iPhones

This post teaches you to get the iPhone 6S functions to old iPhones using Jailbreak.

Full functional jailbreak is not available for the latest iOS versions such as iOS 9.1, 9.2 and 9.2.1. Partial Jailbreak didn’t add many of functions to your old devices. Therefore don’t upgrade your old device to get the iPhone 6S/6S plus functions.


3D Touch / Live photos and HeySiri are the new features of the iPhone 6s device. However, older iDevice model users can get these features with jailbreak support.


3D Touch

3d touch new 1

3D Touch is the main signature of the iPhone 6s Devices. It is can launch different type of actions according to Touch pressures. In the jailbreak store has following jailbreak tweaks, and you can enable 3D Touch actions on your older iPhone models.







Live Photos

Live Photos very similar to GIF and short video clips. Live Photo is the new smart way to save unforgettable memories. However, older iPhone users still can take Live Photos through following jailbreak tweaks.

Live Photos Enabler

iPhone 6s Live Photo




iPhone 6s users can listen HeySiri voices even devices are unplugged. So older iPhone device users can get this feature through following jailbreak tweak.


heysiri iphone 6s copy



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