i0n1c released jailbreak for IOS 8.4

Just within two weeks of time after 8.3 released, Apple released another version for Developers. It is 8.4 beta1 and normal iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch / ATV and iWatch users should wait some time release it for public.

Is there jailbreak support for iOS 8.4?

Once release new IOS beta release, Jailbreak Developers not spend time to search Apple security hole to release jailbreak. However, the jailbreak Developer i0n1c has been jailbreak IOS 8.4 beta1 installed iPhone with his own jailbreak method.


Will it release for public?

We cannot take hopes regarding the public release because in previous, he had shown same jailbreak method, which is called Cybelevet0r and it was not released for public usage.  However, it had a good encouragement for other jailbreak producers because that time all Developers were failed to release jailbreak beyond 7.0.6 version.

So with this encouragement Pangu jailbreak identified security hole of Apple in current IOS releases and then released Pangu untethered jailbreak tool for IOS 7 to 7.1.x versions.

Other jailbreak Developers responds for IOS 8.4 jailbreak

In the current TaiG / PP and Pangu8 are the leading jailbreak tool producers. However, these jailbreak tool producers failed to release proper jailbreak method beyond 8.1.3 versions.

However, TaiG and PP Developers released jailbreak method for IOS 8.2 beta1 and 8.2 beta2 versions. TaiG jailbreak team organize mobile security summit, and all jailbreak Developers participate this event.  In this meeting, they had discussed current jailbreak difficulties. So IOS users can take hopes for 8.4 jailbreak, and Cydia installs.

When IOS 8.4 release for regular users?

There is not the exact date fixed for 8.4 release most probably it will arrive before June month. As per some rumor’s news, Apple is going to release music stream service in next june WWDC meeting so 8.4 seem to be release before this event.

Expected support Devices for 8.4 version?

iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S. iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini with retina (iPad Mini 2), iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPod touch 5, Apple TV3 , Apple TV2 , iWatch


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