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First jailbreak happened on July 10, 2007 and first jailbreak store released by Jay Freeman (saurik) in February 2008.  At the moment, jailbreak is the huge task and after iOS 8.4.1 update most of the jailbreak tool Developers failed to release proper JB solution for install Cydia third party App store.

However, after 7 years, now we are very nearly to install first real third party jailbreak alternative store. It is iMods and this is brand new App store for iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch iOS Devices.


Features of iMods

Matching with iOS 8 and iOS 9 interface

User friendly more than Cydia

Jailbreak is not required to install

Able to install wirelessly

It allows to customize own profile

Advertisement free

Touch ID supports for app install payments

iMods continuously monitoring

If something happened, users can get supports from iMods by calling / emailing or live chatting

There are options Top free / Top paid and New items for find applications

Users can use rating option for applications

imods install 3

Most of the time some Developers released Cydia jailbreak alternative applications, and all were not popular among the iOS users. Some of the alternatives still required jailbroken Devices and some alternatives do not have enough applications.

So as per iMods Developers, this will be a best jailbreak alternative app store. The best beneficiary is iMods not requires jailbroken Devices. So iMods will be a real alternative for below iOS users

New Apple users – specially, who are not heard about jailbreak

iOS users who are not liked to jailbreak

iOS users who are not sure about jailbreak


Other beneficiary of iMods

Apple strongly recommended not doing unauthorized modifications. So if something happens during the jailbreak, your warranty will be voided, and you cannot repair or replace it. So jailbreak is the violation of the Apples Terms and conditions.


How to install iMods?

On September 22, iMods Developers are published signup process through their official site.  According to them initial release limited only for 500 people. iMods can install through iMods installer.

imods install 2

imods install

When it will release to be public?

1.0.1 Beta will be the initial version of the iMods and still Developers are having trouble on it. So once they removed all errors on upcoming beta version, will release to regular usage.

imods 2

Working process of iMods

iMods can install through iMods installer and install according to your operation system. Then you have iMods applications and go through applications and register on it with submitting email address and Password.  So now you will have an own profile to install third party applications.

Here is the demoded video of iMods application.


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