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3K Jailbreak

3K Assistant is popular Chinese app store. Also, it is famous Chinese repo. 3Kís main target is promoting jailbreak apps among the Chinese jailbreak community. With 3K Assistant, iOS users can download thousands of games/applications and resources. Additionally, Chinese iOS users can use both Cydia application and 3K Assistant application for install third party apps.
about 3k assistant
3K Assistant is only a TaiGís jailbreak partner. It provides Chinese app store using Chinese repo. It is not a jailbreak tool. Course so far, no any jailbreak tool release by the name with this. See the following list. Here is the list of proven Jailbreak teams. 3K assistant is not in this list.
Proven jailbreak tools
As the TaiGís jb partner, 3K assistant app store only provides third party apps only for Chinese users. No, any harm by installing this app store into the device for English users. Understanding the Chinese language is the main issue for the rest of Chinese. So, highly recommend unchecking not to install app store.
How to install 3K apps?

Available two ways to install this. One is while completing the jailbreak process. Other method is after complete the jailbreak process.
Via TaiG Jailbreak process.
It is possible to install 3K apps, when run the TaiG Jailbreak process for iOS 8.0 to iOS 8.4 jailbreak. TaiG jailbreak tool offers a check box for this. Just have to check or uncheck the box to confirm the installation.
taig jailbreak for 3K assistant
Via the repo
TaiG jailbreak bundled 3K Assistant app to their jailbreak process. iOS users can install 3K Assistant app separately by adding 3K Assistant repo. Therefore, add following URL of 3K Assistant to your repo list.
And also, it is possible to remove this repo from your iDevice any time you want. Here is the step guide removing 3K assistant repo permanently, after installing Cydia using TaiG tool.

3K Assistant features, applications & updates.

3K Assistant has both Cydia apps and official Apple store apps. Even iOS users can download all Apple paid apps free of cost through 3K Assistant app. Available many Chinese apps under this. 3K assistant apps are very same to Cydia app. Only the difference is language. Here are some of them as the sample.
Chinese apps for cydia
following URL of 3K Assistant
TaiG update of 3K assistant
TaiG officially announced that 3K assistant is their jailbreak partner. When TaiG released 1.0.2 English version, it was able to remove 3K assistant via Cydia. But this app store only comes with TaiG jailbreak. Rest of jailbreak teams never promote this app store.
TaiG update of 3K assistant list
Main quizzes about 3K assistant
Can use 3K assistant as a Jailbreak tool for future jailbreak?

No. It is Chinese app store comes with Cydia. It can install jailbroken devices via the repo. When it is possible to jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 or iOS 10.3 or iOS 11, 3k assistant app store can install any devices. It canít use 3k assistant as jailbreak tool. {link pages for 10.2.1 / 10.3 / 11}
When installing it accidentally, can remove?

Why not. It is possible to remove. Here is the guide removing 3K assistant repo.
removing 3K assistant repo
What is the official website of this?

Here are official Website and official Twitter account.
3K apps only come with TaiG?

No. After complete the jailbreak process, anyone can install 3K apps via 3K assistant repo.