All about beta versions of iOS 9.3.2

These days Apple releases some minor versions of iOS 9.3 version. Now it has already released four beta versions of iOS 9.3.2.  We will be updated all the iOS 9.3.2 beta versions via this page as well as the original version of this. So invite you to stay with this page to know more about this version.

If you are not a beta tester, you can become as beta tester to test all the beta versions released by the Apple. You just have to sing with Apple ID. And also it has facility to upgrade beta versions over the air. Use Apple developer centre to do it. Here is the summery of all the beta version’s information.

Fourth beta version

This version has used to improve night shift mode and another few improvements as well as few bug fixes. Last update got few bugs such as game centre bug, scale bug and focusing bug. As the beta tester you can test all of these work properly or not..

Third beta version

This beta version was little bit important than past two betas. Apple used this version to fix few bugs such as Note , Known and Dictionary known issues. While fixing these errors, Low power mode and the Night shift mode have been improved.

Second beta version

This was used to fix night shift mode error. When users use low power mode and the night shift mode at the same time it made some error. So second beta version released to fix it Now users can on the low power mode on their iDevice when it is on night shift mode.

First beta version

This released targeting to fix some errors of iPhone 6S only. Normally iPhone 6S is little bit large than other iPhones. So it got some error of activating quick actions when work with landscape mode.

What will be the next?

As my point of view, Apple will release the iOS 9.3.2 original version next. We can imagine that Apple has fixed all the bugs and error using these beta versions. So , we will be received iOS 9.3.2 original version soon.


Jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2 beta versions

Jailbreak is not available for any iOS beta version. Jailbreak developers are working to exploit iOS 9.3.2 beta, But there isn’t any good news for iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak beta. Semi Jailbreak or 3k partial Jailbreak is also not available for 9.3.2 beta versions.

Path to the iOS 10

iOS 10 will be the most important and most valuable upcoming release by the Apple. All of these iOS 9.3.2 beta and the original version as well as other minor versions using release one of the huge version. All the iDevice users will be waiting iOS 10 as the major version with many improvements. So beta testers have big responsibility to give suggestion to make improve it with ideas. Apple has fixed releasing date of iOS 10 as June in this year.

iOS 10 concepts via iOS 9.3.2

3D touch

Definitely this will be improved to get big experiences for iDevice users up to iPhone 6.

Control Centre

Control Centre icons will be able to customize as your wish with dragging, moving, deleting and more.

Dark Mode and Night Shift

Users will be able to adjust brightness of the iDevice display using settings. Night shift will be improved more.

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