Flekst0re for iOS 9.2

iOS 9.2 users can download Flekst0re third party application store through Semi jailbreak method. After Download it to your Semi jailbroken Device models users install most number of third party applications to iOS Device customize.

Flekst0re for iOS 9.2

What is Flekst0re?

Flekst0re is real alternative application for Cydia application. Currently, Cydia third party application not support for iOS 9.2 completely.  Therefore, iOS 9.2 users can install and download Emulators & Apps free from Flekst0re third party application stores.


How to Download Flekst0re through Semi jailbreak?

After semi jailbreak iOS 9.2 users can install Flekst0re within few minutes. It only needs to do tap Flekst0re application on Semi jailbreak feature list. After tap it, you will have install page of Flekst0re.

So tap install button of right coroner.

Now you will have Install profile of Flekst0re and tap again install button.

Enter Device Passcode

Tap Done button – Congratulations now you Download Flekst0re on to your Device.


Flekst0re Quick Activation

Flekst0re Developers ask to activate your Account if really need to use Repos. So just go to Main interface and tap Setting button.  Now you can see Quick Activation button bottom of the screen and just click it. Now you will be moved to Flekst0re Quick Activation panel and click Blue color Activate button.

flekstore new 1

flekstore new 2

Features of Flekst0re

FeakStore has three different stores according to iOS version such as iOS 6 / iOS 7 -8.0.x / iOS 8.1 – iOS 9.2. So make sure to Download applications according to your iOS version.

flekst0re 10_iphone6plus_gold_portrait

After Download Flekst0re iOS 9.2 users can install Shou (iOS 7-8 Screen recorder) MovieBox / PlayBox / Kuaiyong and many more.




Shou is can use for record and broadcast your iOS Device screen. So when you want to teach someone about iOS or how to play game or guide to complete accomplish task just record and send it.  So after Download FleakStore go to store on search Shou.



MovieBox has a large number of Movies and TV shows collection. So IOS 9.2 Semi jailbroken users can watch films online or Download to Device to watch later through MovieBox.  So MovieBox is the right choice to watch movies because Developers add new movies on every week. So do not forget Semi jailbreak is an only gateway to Download MovieBox.




Kuaiyong is best application for Download Apple all paid applications as free of cost. As per Chinese language Kuaiyong means “Use Quickly”. Until last few months Kuaiyong only available on Chinese language and now you can use English version also. So now IOS 9.2 Semi jailbroken users can Download Apple Paid applications / Games / Themes / Wallpapers / Icons / Ringtones and many more Device customize tweaks.



PlayBox is uniqe alternative for movie box / Show Box and PopCorn time. So after Download FleakStore you can Download easily PlayBox application. With PlayBox, you can stream Movies / TV series / Cartoons and anime HD.

If you are an Application Developer, you can create and submit own Application to Flekst0re application store without any registration. So third party application Developers can promote own application among the users very easily.

Unlike any other jailbreak app stores, Flekst0re gives the quick tour to learn more about Features of Flekst0re.

Flekst0re users give the ability to add repos to your repos list.

Flekst0re 4_iphone6plus_gold_portrait

Users can change themes to show off personality

Flekst0re updated also come as OTA update feature.

flekstore software update


Troubleshoots for Flekst0re

Before install third party applications from Flekst0re make sure to check compatible with your Device running iOS version.

In first using you will have such as Service not available message and do not afraid of this issue because you can recover it few seconds.

So once you received this issue just click Home button twice and swipe up unwanted application. After clean up again go to HomeScreen and tap Flekst0re application again.


How to delete Flekst0re installed applications or Flekst0re completely?

If you wants to remove Flekst0re installed applications completely follow below guide.

Settings > General > Profile

Select application you want to delete



To delete Flekst0re completely follow below

Settings > General > Profile

Select Flekst0re

Remove it


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