iOS 9 hidden features

iOS 9 is the most professional and leading OS version of the Apple. Therefore, Apple introduced new features to iOS 9 version.  However, still there are a huge number of tweaks that Apple didn’t introduced. Here are the list of all hidden features of iOS 9 version.



Apple included six-digit passcode for iOS 9 version. Previous all iOS versions only had four digits to access Passcode.  So with this feature Apple protected Device models more secure more than other smartphone and below iOS 9 running Devices.

This change only available iOS 9 running iPhone 5s / iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 models.

hidden ios 9 passcode


Apple Pay Short cut

With updating iOS 9 version Apple change Passbook name to Wallet. Now iOS 9 users no longer need to go HomeScreen to open up Wallet. iOS 9 brings new shortcut for open Wallet. Just double tap the Home button to open it.  So next time you no longer needs to go HomeScreen to open Wallet.

hidden wallet


New fonts

Previous all iOS releases had Helvetica Neue font and with IOS 9 version Apple introduced new San Francisco font. This San Francisco font already used in Apple Watch and now it is available for all Apple platforms.

ios 9 font


New contact location

iOS 9 brought New location for previous contact. Previous all iOS version it was available on multitasking. Even iOS 9 users can call and message directly from there.

hidden contact 3


Disable Shake to undo

iOS 9 users can undo previous works by shaking Devices. There is an option in Settings > General > Accessibility > Shake to Undo. Once you want to undo certain things just shake the Device and then message will pop up by asking Undo or Cancel.


hidden shake undo 3

New Back button

When previous all iOS versions need to double click Home button to return back to previous application. iOS 9 version brought new back option.  So iOS 9 users can use small text line to return back to previous. It is an available left corner of the screen, and users no longer need to tap Home button twice for return to previous used application.

hidden back button


Safari Request Desktop Site option

Most of the web sites have mobile versions and desktop versions. In iOS 9 Safari users can request Desktop version by clicking Share button.

hidden Safari Request Desktop Site


Vibration Disable

Apple included new option to disable all Vibration options include Siri Vibration. So with this option Apple user no longer needs to enable Do not disturb mode for keep silent on the Devices.

hidden Vibration Disable


Quick select Photos

Apple introduced this option to select more images in single finger tap. Previous all OS versions users have to select one by one. So in iOS 9 just select one image and swipe your finger on rest to select them all.


Auto lock time

iOS 9 users now can set 30 seconds for auto lock. Previous all versions had 1 minute minimum time to set auto lock

hidden auto lock


New Scrubber

This is the biggest change for iOS 9 photo application. The new Scrubber is available on the bottom of the photo preview screen like a banner. So with this new option user allows quickly flip through the built in images.

hidden photos-scrubber


Delete and Move all option to mail application

iOS 9 users easily can delete all or Move all received mails on Mail application one time

hidden Delete and Move all option to mail application


Folders in notes

Apple organized note application more than previous. With iOS 9 version users can create folders for similar notes. Just click new folder option and enter folder name. So now users can keep separate instead of set one place.

hidden folder on note 3


Recently Deleted notes

Users can see view recently Deleted notes from this option. Users can re edit or delete again those notes.

hidden folder on note 2


Adjust resolution

iOS 9 users can adjust video resolution from Settings > Photos & Camera > Record video. In the Adjust resolution panel there are three resolution options to choose.

hidden video reselution

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