Jailbreak FAQ for iOS 9.1

Unfortunately,  fully untethered iOS 9.1 Jailbreak is not available for 9.1 in this time. You can only available Semi Jailbreak for iOS 9.1.

This is the FAQ for iOS 9.1 Semi JB. This is not an official troubleshooting guide for the Semi Jailbreak, Please contact the developers if you have any technical problem with Semi JB process.
However you can add more FAQ to this list, Please comment your FAQ on below comment box.


FAQ of SemiJB


What is the SemiJB?

This is a partial Jailbreak process for iOS 8.4.1 – 9.1 devices. It installs SemiJB app after the process. You can install the Cydia and popular Jailbreak app stores using the SemiJB app.


Is SemiJB safe to my device?

Yes This process 100% safe to your device, Your device doesn’t crash or stuck at the Apple logo as the fully untethered jailbreak.


Is this compatible only for iOS 9.1?

No, You can do this for all iOS 8.4.1 and higher devices. However, we don’t recommend SemiJB if your iOS version is iOS 9 – 9.0.2. You can do the full jailbreak using Pangu 9 software for free.


Can I remove the SemiJB from my device?

Yes. you can do it very easily. Just open the SemiJB app and tap the “Remove Semi Jailbreak” link


Will it harm to my Apple Warranty?

Your Warranty is 100% Safe with any kind of jailbreaks. Anybody can’t detect the previous jailbreak if you restore or upgrade your device. You can easily restore your device to iOS 9.1 to claim your warranty.


What is difference between SemiJB and fully JB?

FullyJB is the Jailbreak. SemiJB is an alternative for the fully untethered jailbreak. You will miss many Jailbreak functions with Semi Jailbreak. You cannot install most of tweaks to your iOS 9.1 device with SemiJB.


Can I install the Cydia to my iOS 9.1 with this?

You can install the fully untethered jailbreak Cydia to your SemiJB device. However,  this is an only demonstration. You can’t add the sources/tweaks to this Cydia. Just install the SemiJB Cydia.


I can’t open installed JB apps. Why?

Please open your “Settings” app after the installation, Then Open General and profiles. You can find the security certificate of the app, Open it and tap the “Trust” link. Then you can open the app. this issue is only for iOS 9.1 users.


Can I install the iFile to iOS 9.1?

You cannot install the fully functional iFile to your iOS 9.1 device. You cannot access to your system folders using the iFile at all.


Can I install Winterboard or Dreamboad?

We couldn’t find the Winterboard or Dreamboad from any App stores of the SemiJB. However you can install iOS themes using Cydia app (limited numbers if themes). You can also install the themes using Swiftly Theme store.


Is this compatible with my iPad?

Yes. This process is compatible with your all iPads and iPod touches. We couldn’t checked this with all iPad and iPod touch models. Please comment below if you couldn’t install the apps to your device.


Can I do this for my old iPhone, iPad ,iPod touch?

You cannot install iOS 9.1 for old iOS devices. Therefore don’t try to do this for old devices.


Can I install non listed app or App store?

No you can’t.  You can install 8 Jailbreak app stores from SemiJB app, And you can intall about 1000s of apps from this app store, You cannot install apps from any other sources.


Are 3rd party apps safe to my device?

Developers have approved all Apps/Appstore after reviewing process ( according to their tweets) Therefore, You don’t worry about the safety.


Should I download the any jailbreak tool for iOS 9.1 semi jailbreak?

You don’t want to download any tool for iOS 9.1 JB. This is an online process such as the Jailbreakme.


What is the different between SemiJB and Jailbreakme?

SemiJB ios not an untethered jailbreak method as Jailbreakme. Both are very easy online process, But you can’t do JB with Jailbreakme for iOS 9.1


What are the available language?

The process and main app is only available from English at this time. However you can install apps and app stores from Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Japanese and some European languages.


Can I install any app or tweak to downgrade my iOS 9.1 version to full jailbreakable version?

However, There was an app available with SemiJB as iDowngrado. It was a fake app. Developers has removed it from the App Store. Read more about the iOS 9.1 downgrade.




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