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Last  reviews update date – 1/2/2016

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by Khoury on SJB for iOS 9.2

They are asking money for further development. When they complete their development process?

by Faisal Botros on SJB for iOS 9.2
not fair

Hey man, what is this? This is a collection of pirate App Stores. This is really not fair. Don’t promote pirate app stores. We want the jailbreak. Not all paid apps for free.

by Farhan on SJB for iOS 9.2

Semi Jb is good. I am fan of semijb since last year. However I really hate their Freemium option. Now They are always asking donations, They are very greedy now.

by Stehlík iPhone on SJB for iOS 9.2
Wasn’t work for me

It wasn’t work for me, i just did the semijb for my ios 9.2 ipad air 2. I just wanted to get free coins for some my favorite games. However it provides some paid games for free.

by Jason on SJB for iOS 9.2
Mandatory Donations

Was required to "donate" in order to download Cydia. If not, we are only allowed to download Emu and Vshare.

by Barbosa on SJB for iOS 9.2
want to Understand full jailbreak features.

I have never done the Jailbreak before. I just converted to apple at last month. Apple don’t provide all functions from their play store like the Google. Users have to buy everything from them. That’s why I wanted 3rd party app manager. I installed the semijb app manager to my iPhone 6s plus. They provide few AppStore collection. I could install apps without paying anymore. I really like HipStore and Flekstore. Still I couldn't understand about the full jailbreak features.

by Petrović on SJB for iOS 9.2
Really good

I did the semi jailbreak. I really think it is a very good hack for ios 9.2. I really don’t a jailbreak fan. I want to record my iphone and ipad screens for my youtube videos. I couldn't find a display recorder or shou screen recorder from App store. That’s why i wanted this

by Albert Stoll on SJB for iOS 9.2
Nice alternative

I don't know why people always looking faults of anything's. They named it as semi jailbreak, and they have done what they said. I upgraded to the app to full version. I could install so many things. I used the SemiJB for 1st time for iOS 9.2. However, I expect that developers will improve it with more functions.

by Lorenzo on SJB for iOS 9.2
Not satisfied

I only wanted to install the track and mouse pad to my iPad. I don't want to emulators, 3rd party apps , themes any of these functions. I couldn't find a mouse pad from any store. Not satisfied with the Semi jailbreak. Please inform to me if anybody could find a track and mouse pad from any SemiJB app store. my email

by Xian on SJB for iOS 9.2
I don't like

I don't like it. I like Pangu software. I installed the SemiJB. I can't install some apps. I want Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 9.2.My facebook -

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