iPhone 7 release date and features

Over the past years, we have seen lots of new iOS Device models from Apple Company, and Apple always released new concept for iPhone Models. So as per some unofficial news, Apple already starts to release iPhone 7.

Apple released every new iPhone model between every year June – October months. So we can assume Apple will be release iPhone 7 device in this year June – October month period. So we refer below chart for more references.

iPhone Device model    Release date
iPhone 7
iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s  2015 September 25
iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6  2014 September 19
iPhone 5s / 5c 2013 September 20
iPhone 5  2012 September 21
iPhone 4s  2011 October 14
iPhone 4 2010 June 24
iPhone 3gs 2009 June 19
iPhone 3 generation  2008 July 11
iPhone 1 st generation  2007 July 29

Apple released every iPhone model with major OS versions. So as per previous releases history, iOS 10 would be initial support version for iPhone 7 device. You can take more idea from below paragraph.


iPhone Device model Initial Support OS version
iPhone 7
iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s iOS 9.0
iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 iOS 8.0
iPhone 5s / 5c iOS 7.0
iPhone 5 iOS 6.0
iPhone 4s iOS 5.0
iPhone 4 iOS 4.0
iPhone 3gs iOS 3.0
iPhone 3 generation iOS 2.0
iPhone 1 st generation OS 1


iPhone 7 features

With every iPhone Device release, Apple introduced new Hardware and software changes. So we can assume Apple will improve below features with iPhone 7 model device.


No home button

no home button iphone 7

Apple is the first company that is added Home button to front display. After then they included fingerprint technology for the Home button. So again Apple is going to unveil no Home button for front screen.


Battery – Wireless charging / quick charging

IPhone 7 charger

Wireless charge is the new concept for all iPhone models. Apple developers already tested wireless charge and Apple developers will be unveiled this feature with iPhone 7 device. Quick charge is another most wanted feature for Apple devices, and users wish to save time by the quick charge. So as per some unofficial news quick charge will be support for iPhone 7 device.



First iPhone 1 only had 2 MP f/2.8 Back camera and not an available front camera. However, previous iPhone 6s Plus Devices have 12 MP Back cameras and 5 MP front camera. So some time Apple will remain same camera or will increase camera functions for iPhone 7.


Force touch


Apple unveils and included force touch feature first time for Apple watch device. So Apple will add force touch feature definitely for iPhone 7 model.



Apple started with 3.5 inches display with first iPhone 1 Device and last iPhone 6s Plus and 6s Devices have 5.5 and 4.8 inches display. So most probably Apple will remain same screen size for upcoming iPhone 7 device.


Holographic display and keyboard

Holographic display and keyboard

As per some rumors, iPhone 7 will have holographic display and keyboard. So if Apple abele to add holographic functions to iPhone 7, it would be first mobile device that have Holographic functions.



Apple tranperent iphone 7

Transparent is another concept for mobile devices. However, the transparent function still in the testing period. So, we cannot expect transparent feature for upcoming iPhone 7 device.



Should buy 6s device or wait for iPhone 7 device

With every iPhone releases Apple introduces new concepts. Even we can expect more features for iPhone 7 device more than we expecting. Even you can get iPhone 6s features with iPhone 7 device. If you are using below iPhone 6s device and wish to use 6s device in near future, we recommended to stay until release iPhone 7 device.

iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s – 3D Touch / Live photo / HeySiri

iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 – iPhone 6 has 4.7-inch display / iPhone 6 Plus has 5.5 display

iPhone 5s / 5c – Fingerprint Touch ID sensor to unlock / A7 processor / different color support

iPhone 5 – Aluminum design / 4-inch display / HD FaceTime camera at the front / Lightning connector / EarPod headphones / A6 processor / 1.3 MP front camera and 8 MP back camera

iPhone 4s – 8-megapixel camera / 1080p video recording / Siri digital assistant / HD video recording / A5 processor

iPhone 4 – stainless steel and glass / Front camera / 3.5-inch Retina display / 5-megapixel rear camera / LED

iPhone 3gs – 3.2 MP camera / video recording

iPhone 3 generation – Plastic rear /3G Connection / GPS / Third party applications (App store support)

iPhone 1 st generation – Touch screen / Home button / 2MP camera / 3.5 display


iPhone 7 features for older devices

With last iPhone 6s device model, Apple introduced new 3D Touch / Live photo and HeySiri features. However, older iPhone model users had the ability to download those new features through Cydia third-party app store.

Even iPhone users can download Apple iOS relate features without upgrade firmware through jailbreak support.

3D Touch feature – support jailbreak tweaks – Tactful / forceTouchActivator / forcy / revealmenu / universalForce

Live Photo feature – jailbreak support tweak – Live Photos Enabler

HeySiri feature – jailbreak support tweak – untethered hey Siri

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