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iWatch Jailbreak- why should jailbreak Apple Watch

Apple released iWatch (Apple Watch) without some most necessary functions such as Web browsing, custom watch faces, advanced clock types. So jailbreak is the only option to get those missing functions.

Steve T-S confirmation for iWatch jailbreak

Recently Steve Troughton-Smith ( Irish programmer for Apple software), Saurik (Developer of Cydia) and Adam Bell (Canadian software developer for Apple watch)  able to hacked Apple watch and ran UIKit & SceneKit apps on the watch device. Here is video proven of it.
 Cydia and Developer Adam Bell

Hamze sood jailbreak

Another Developer Hamze Sood able to run Flappy Bird on Watch OS 2 and users can control it by touching and handling Crown.
Hamze Sood able to run Flappy Bird

Web Browsing by Comex

Apple hasn’t added safari web browser to the Apple watch.  Most probably Apple will not add it in the future because of small display resolution. All users are interested to use internet on device even their watch devices. they would have added mini version of safari to Apple watch. they do not accept web browsers to the iWatch app store.
However, Apple will not add safari to Apple watch in future updates. So jailbreak is the only solution to do it. As expected, the Web browser released by Comex and he could run Google Home page, and Copy/Define option is running on watch display. Here are the Twitter image and video confirmation of Comex web browsing.
Comex and he could run Google

Operation system of Apple watch

Apple watches shipped with 1.0 version and after updated to 1.0.1 version. Currently, watchOS 2.2.2 is the latest operation system. Apple increased new features with OS 2.2.2 version.Therefore, update your Watch to latest OS 2.2.2 version.
Upcoming Third Party Watch faces
Free time face
Free time face
Author – Alexander Zaytsev
Before release iWatch Device, Apple addresses App event and for Watch faces and in this event, Alexander Zaytsev introduced so many new faces for iWatch.  However, some of faces’ Apple rejected and most probably, once jailbreak confirms to iWatch, we able to use all faces.
Basket Ball face
Basket Ball face
Author – Plearns
He has created some faces to watch interface. This is the first face which his create first. So once the jailbreak release for iWatch, users can use all of his faces.
Japan face
Japan face
Author – Alexander Zaytsev
This is another face which create Alexander. Actually, he created for iWatch not only faces also he created time telling apps / themes. Unfortunately still we cannot use all because there is no jailbreak on iWatch Device.
Meditation face
Meditation face
Author – Mackenthun
The Mackenthun also one of big jailbreak app Developer for the Apple Devices. He has been create most number of applications / wallpapers for the third party app installations.
Sunset face
Sunset face
Author – Martin Eriksson
This is a very beautiful face in the upcoming jailbreak custom face. We have not been correct idea why Apple not included this face for Default list. However, all iWatch users will be lucky to install it after jailbreak.
Running Face
Running Face
Author – Michaek Martino
This is also very creative watch face, and it is displaying past and now running speed. This specially created for athletics players, and it is not saying others cannot wear it.
Nike fit face
Nike fit face
Author – Geo1
It is depended to official Nike Inc. Nike Company asked to Developers to create a watch face for Nike so then Geo1 team has created this watch face for Nike Company.
Behance Face
Behance Face
Author – Tyler Gough
In other, faces only have one image but this watch face has many more images even you can add own image to this interface. So because of this option this custom face will be popular among the users.
Watch Clock2
Watch Clock2
Author – Martin Eriksson
What a likeable face so this will be a most popular custom face among the users. It has likeable color balance. It is displaying time and present exact weather on your present station.
Music Mockup face
Music Mockup face
Author – Martin Eriksson
It has a nice 3D look, and most advantage part is users can be steam music directly with this face. Users only need to do hold and touch the face and here after it asks from you to stream the music.
Author – judesh
This face created by one of Israel Developer. It is normal face, and it will also will be popular among the users.
Jailbreak WatchOS 3 & higher versions.
Jailbreak WatchOS 2 & Minor versions of it.
Apple used iOS 9 version to prepare this OS for Apple iWatches. Because of the PP Helper tool released to jailbreak iOS 9.2 - iOS 9.3.3, we can keep hope about WatchOS jailbreak.

So, we have some good news for iWatch jailbreak. Here are the all.
Custom watch faces
Quick replies
Redesigned Control Center
Use Apple Watch to unlock your Mac
Wheelchair Fitness
New features adding by Apple using previous releases.
How upgrading iWatch to the new OS using iPhone
Apple Watch OS 3 only can pair with iOS 10 running devices. So make sure to update your iPhone device to iOS 10 version. After update follows below guide for OS 3 update.
Make sure enough battery life for iWatch
Make sure to connect iPhone to nearest Wi-Fi and make sure should not disable it before the update.
Make sure iPhone and iWatch should be in one range and do not increase distance.
Open iWatch app on your iPhone and go My Watch > General > Software update.

Apple watch Pangu jailbreak

Pangu is leading jailbreak developer at the moment. It is support Apple’s all products except Apple TV and watch device.
Apple watch TaiG jailbreak
Taig team released jailbreak tools three times for previous iOS versions. However still TaiG not supports Apple TV and watch devices.
New from Apple watchOS 3 beta 6
It has one of the errors, when connect Apple watch with iPhone. Fixed it via this release.
Control Center & Dock has updated.
New watch faces has introduced. (below had more info)
Apple is going to release WatchOS 3 and still it has released six beta versions to test it. Apple released WatchOS proportion to the iOS versions normally. It based iOS 10 for the WatchOS 3. But this time, Apple didn’t upgrade watchOS 3 beta version up to 8, even iOS 10 beta 8 released. So, still watchOS 3 is in the same beta version.
WatchOS 3
Apple announced OS 3 is the upcoming version for Apple iWatch. Watch OS 3 is a third major update for Apple Watch. Apple introduced new features for Watch OS 3 version such as New watch faces. Already Apple has released watchOS 3 sixth beta version now. So, Developers can test it.
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