FaceBook “M” Personal Assistant and how will it familiar with jailbreak?

Facebook Messenger team released a new personal assistant digital service. They have named it as “M”. so M would be a real competitor for Siri / Google Now and Cortana.  These personal assistant service only available specific Devices models like Siri on iOS / Google Now on Android and Cortana on Microsoft.

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TaiG 2 Premium registration Code

Currently TaiG 2 is the only trustworthy solution for jailbreak  iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.4, You can download the TaiG 2 from the Taig2 website or from TaiG page from our website.

You must buy a registration code to activate the TaiG 2 premium software. Registration codes generate automatically according to your payment details, You must use the buy now link on your downloaded software to get your registration code, Your downloaded TaiG 2 software and registration code should be overlap to register the software,

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Custom Watch faces for Apple Watch

Hamza Sood has posted video clip to jailbreak community showing custom watch face running on Apple Watch. He did this job on Watch OS beta 2 version. Here is video clip.

Advantage of Hamza Sood method

Normally, any third party application cannot add to Apple product without remove apple limitations. Even Apple not allow to add custom watch faces to Apple iWatch.  So Hamza Sood method is real encourage for future works on iWatch.

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PP jailbreak for iOS 8.4 / 8.3 / 8.2 / 8.1.3

PP Assistant is Mac supporting tool and before killed by Apple exactly run iOS 8 to 8.1.2 versions. After, then again, PP team released jailbreak version for iOS 8.2 beta versions and unfortunately could not be able to continue it until iOS 8.2 final release because Apple killed it again. However PP again came to jailbreak community with stronger than before.

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