semi jailbreak
Chinese SemiJB hacking team developed Semi Jailbreak tool to install Cydia apps (Most important) for all the released iOS versions until now. SemiJB tool completes partial jailbreak to install jailbreak apps. It is online browser based tool.
Pangu 9
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Semi Jailbreak.


Semi Jailbreak & iOS 10 jailbreak.

At this time, it has released iOS 10 eight beta versions and going to release iOS 10 soon. Semi jailbreak never releases for the beta versions. But using betas, it tests to apply this tool to the original version, when it just releases. So, visit this page to download and install SJB app, when Apple releases iOS 10 for the public. Course, Semi Jailbreak tool developer has announced, the app is done half for iOS 10 jailbreak devices. According to the developer, test running is the success on iOS 10 beta eighth version highly.

Semi Jailbreak for iOS 9.3.4

Yes, it is. One and only jailbreak solution for iOS 9.3.4 is Semi Jailbreak app. Full functional jailbreak tools don't support this version yet. Highly recommend using SJB tool to install limited functions Cydia apps. It has no limitation to have full functions Cydia app, if you download SJB app into the same device, when it releases jailbreak tool for this version.

Semi Jailbreak for iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3

Cydia app is available for these releases. So, not to recommend to use Semi Jailbreak app. Course, iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3 users, cannot install full function Cydia with semi jailbreak online tool.

Semi Jailbreak Compatibility & the guide

This tool works on all the iOS versions and all the devices without any issues. Users can use this tool for iOS 9.3.4 as well. Semi jailbreak tool has an easy guide to follow. Then users can complete the SJB process within few minutes.
Unlock your iOS device
Go to Safari default web browser using your device
Open Google homepage
Now type Semi jailbreak
Open Semi jailbreak homepage
Click on the jailbreak button
Waits until complete the jailbreak process.
Once finish, go to Home screen and find Cydia

Semi jailbreak benefits

Normally, Jailbreak requires device setting changes (disable Touch ID, enable Airplane mode, disable Find my iPhone ) / iTunes installations / Windows or Mac computer support / USB cable plugging / Third party software installations. But Semi jailbreak never asks to fill its.
At this time untethered jailbreak not available for latest iOS 9.3.4 version. So Semi jailbreak is the only option for it.
Some jailbreak tools are specific for one computer operation system Ex- TaiG jailbreak released iOS 8 - 8.1.2 jailbreak only for Windows. However, Semi jailbreak not requires computer support.
Some jailbreak tools, not compatible with OTA (over the air) firmware upgrade. Example Pangu jailbreak not compatible with OTA and iOS users should use iTunes update method before use Pangu jailbreak. But SJB works on OTA updates.

Semi jailbreak Themes

Semi jailbroken users can customize the iOS device with Semi JB themes. There are different types of themes are available on Semi JB Cydia.
Semi jailbreak Themes

Semi jailbreak Unrooted Applications

BugReport, ToDo7, Chatter, Flappy Bird, Hacker News, Weather, Flow Free, Bubbles, Solitaire, Word Wars, WebNES, Flip Clock,2B,2048, Sudoku, Pie Guy, Splax,Lily Makeup,Love Tester,Chocolates.
Semi jailbreak Unrooted Applications

Semi jailbreak Rooted applications

Semi Jailbreak has own rooted apps list such as WinterBoard , OpenSSH, SB Settings, Record Screen, Impactor, Ad Blocker, iFile, App Locker, Dimmer, Typecast.
Semi jailbreak Rooted applications

Semi jailbreak Cydia Sources

iOS users can add Semi jailbreak compatible sources. Still, Semi jailbroken users cannot add any source.

Semi jailbreak features

According to Semi jailbreak official website, currently, they are busy to include Xmodgames / Swiftify and Extensify third party application stores to Semi jailbreak App list.
Currently, Semi jailbreak Developers added new App stores to Semi jailbreak main Application lists such as Mojo Installer / iOS Emus / vShare / FleakStore / Hip Store / 666 App Store and Appvn.  Even iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users can complete fully untethered jailbreak by using Semi jailbreak tool.

Mojo Installer

Mojo installer
Mojo installer is another popular third-party app store for jailbroken devices. Now all iOS users can download Mojo installer application with Semi jailbreak online tool.
Unlike other applications, Mojo Installer has own source section. In the section of Mojo source has Morjiailís repo, HipStore repo, iEmulators repo / Emu4iOS repo and NJBH repo. In each source has the verity of applications.
Mojo Installer apps - FeaturePoints, BuildStore, Enkel Hosting, iWall,AirShou,Bobby Movie Box , CartoonHD,ctOS,DownCloud,Flappy Bird ,Game pad,GamePlayColor,Happy Chick ,iDownloader Pro ,iNDS, iSSB ,Kuaiyong , Minecraft, Movie Box ,Music Box ,nds4ios ,NES4me , , TuTu, Video Downloader ,Weblock ,BarMagnet, Floppy Cloud , GamePlay ,iFBA , iTransmission , iSSB , Remote files and many more.

iOS Emus Store

iOS Emus Store
iOS Emus is great Application to install iOS Emulators and Application. So Stock iOS 9.2 running iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users cannot install Emulators application through official Apple store.  Semi jailbreak is the only way to install Emulators through iOS Emus to iOS 9.3.4 running Devices.
After install iOS Emus to Semi jailbroken iOS 9.3.4 Devices go to HomeScreen and Tap the icon. Now you will be moved to iOS Emus Homepage.  So now click Black color Down arrow next to Home Button.
Semi jailbroken iOS 9.3.4 Devices
Now you will have Apps & Emus Application list, and you can see five different section are placed such as the following.
All Apps & Emulators
Included Apps - BarMagnet / (SITE) Cartoon HD / Cartoon HD / DownCloud / Flappy Bird / Floppy Cloud / f.Lux / Game Play Color / GBA4iOS 1.6.2 / GBA4iOS 2.1 /Gearboy / Gearsystem / gpSPhone / Grdlee / HipStore / iDOS 2 / iFBA / iTransmission / Kuaiyong / MAME4iOS / Marvel VS Capcom 2 /MCPE Maps / MeSNEmu / Movie Box /Music Box /MusicJunkie /nds4iOS / nes4me / Nestopia / PlayBox HD /PPSSPP / Provenance8 / Provenance7 / Remote Files / RetroArch / RetroArch / Shou / SNES4iOS / SNES9x EX+ / Swiftly Themes /  YGOPro
All Apps & Emulators - Section for every App
Emulators - Section for Emulators
Section for Emulators
Included Apps - Floppy Cloud / Game Play Color / GBA4iOS 1.6.2 / GBA4iOS 2.1 / Gearboy / Gearsystem / gpSPhone / Gridlee / iDOS 2 / iFBA / MEME4iOS / MeSNEmu / nds4ios / nes4me / Nestopia / PPSSPP / Provenance8 / Provenance7 / Remote Files / RetroArch / RetroArch / SNES4iOS / SNES9x EX+
Apps &Games - Section for Apps and Games not Available on the App Store
Included App - iEmuHub / iNFINITY STORE / EnderApps / IEnchantify /Swiftly Themes / iROXICydia
Included App - BarMagnet / BarMagnet / (SITE) Cartoon HD / Cartoon HD / DownCloud / Flappy Bird / Floppy Cloud / f.Lux / iTransmission / Kuaiyong / Marvel VS Capcom 2 / MCPE Maps / Movie Box / Music Box / MusicJunkie / PlayBox HD / Remote Files / Shou / Swiftly Themes / YGOPro
Section for Apps and Games not Available on the App Store
iOSEmus Icon Themes - Section for Icon Themes for the iOSEmus Icon
Icon Themes for the iOSEmus Icon
Included App- Coming Soon
Partners - Section for Partners Apps
Partners Apps


vShare install
With vShare application, iOS users can Download Apple all paid apps as free of cost. So semi jailbreak is the only way to install vShare application.  Previously, all installous has shut down, and currently, installous relate app not available on Cydia. So Semi jailbreak is the only option to install all Paid applications as free.

vShare features

Support to Download Paid Application as free / Search option support / support to share downloaded iPad through Wi-Fi / Personalize UI / users can use various methods to find new apps / Direct Download support of Paid Applications.
Unlike other Third party applications vShare supports 32 Different languages Such as Arabic / Catalan / Czech / Danish / Germen / Greek / English / English UK & USA / Spanish / Persian / Finnish / French / Hebrew / Croatian / Hungarian / Indonesian / Japanese / Norwegian Bokmal / Dutch / Polish / Portuguese / Brazil / Romanian / Russian / Slovak / Swedish / Vietnamese / Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional
In vShare Homepage, there are four different panels such as Featured / Games / Apps Explore and Me.
O Games - All Popular Games included in this Panel
O Apps - All Apps Available
O Explore - Users quickly find all Applications through Explore
O Me - There are all Details insert here such as Login / Disk Cleanup / Fix vShare / Share and All Settings
In Featured again, you can see new options such as Check-in / Essentials / Best / Infinite and free. In each section have a different type of features.
different type of features
Check In - users can create own Account with this panel
Essentials - in Essentials have two categories - Must have Apps / Must have Games
Best - Best Application According to Date
Infinite - Gold Coins Apps
Free - you can find All Apple paid Application in Free section.
Even iOS users can clean up Device and remove unwanted files with vShare Application Disk Cleanup option. This is one of the biggest advantages for iOS 9.3.4 Semi jailbroke users.
vShare Application Disk Cleanup


FleakStore is best third party App store for Semi Jailbroken users. iOS 9.3.4 Semi Jailbroken users can find various third party Applications through FleakStore. FleakStore is best third party App store for Semi Jailbroken users. iOS 9.2 Semi Jailbroken users can be download various third party applications through FleakStore.

FleakStore Features

After Download FleakStore through Semi jailbreak, you will have three different Application stores according to iOS version such as iOS 6 / iOS 7 - 8.0.x / iOS 8.1 - 9.2. So each section has different type applications.

iOS 6 Section Included App - Record My Screen / VK Music / iU / iTransmission / iDOS / PPSSPP / GBA4iOS / GearSystem / iFBA / MAME4iOS / MeSNEmu / MusicBox / NDS4iOS / Nestopia / RemoteFiles / Tui / WinterScreen / Serials / iCleaner /
iOS 7 - 8.0.x Section included App - soap4us / Kuaiyong / Floppy Cloud / Shou / VK Music / DownCloud / 66Apps / iU / BarMagnet / iRec / gpSPone / iTransmission / iDos 2 / PPSSPP / GBA4iOS 2.1 / GBA4iOS / GearBoy / GearSystem / iBFA / MAMEiOS / MeSNEmu / MovieBox / MusicBox / NDS4iOS / PlayBox / Nestopia / Provenance8 / RetroArch / RemoteFiles / SNESiOS / ARWatch / Tui / WinterScreen / Stone / FileBrowser / Serials / iRoseTool / NyanWidget / iSSB / MiniCode / MinecraftMaps / Gridlle / McTubePro / Flappy Bird / Cartoon HD / Kodi
iOS 8.1 - 9.2 Section included App - GBA4iOS 2.1 / Shou (Not Support iOS 9) / VK Music / iDos 2 / DownCloud / NDS4iOS / PPSSPP / PlayBox / MovieBox / Marvel VS Capcom 2 / iCleaner / Flappy Bird / Remote Files


HipStore is alternative for Installouís, and Semi jailbroken users can Download Apple paid applications through HipStore third party Application store. Even iOS 9.3.4 users can use HipStore alternative for vShare.
Now all iOS 9.3.4 installed iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can Download Apple paid Application through Semi jailbreak online tool.

HipStore Features

HipStore unveils by Vietnamese Developers and only supports two language English and Vietnamese. HipStore all Applications Divided to six categories such as Home / Games / Applications / Comics / E-Books / Collections and iPhone 3GS. In each category have a different type of Applications.
Home Section categories - Best of 2015 / Winter Wonderland / Top Download according to Month / Great Apps and Games For IOS 9 / Apple #&39;Top Paid / Holly Wood Hits / Best New Games / Best New Apps / Best New Game Updates / Editors Choice / Popular Games / Popular Apps / Word Games / Game For Kids / Fun With Filters / 15 Funniest Games / Sharing Selfiles / KetchApp Games / Internet Banking / Movie World / TV Applications / Dictionaries.
Game Section - You can find lots of Games from here
Collection Section -you can find Best of 2015 Application Collection

Semi jailbreak errors

It can complete Semi Jailbreak process without any issues. According to the developer, it no needs computer support just like the unthethered tool.  So, until now it works without any harm.

How to remove Semi jailbreak?

Semi jailbreak tool has a very easy process, and users can remove jailbreak without firmware update or iTunes restore process. Just go to Settings > General > Profile and delete Semi jailbreak profile. After removing Semi jailbreak profile Go to Settings > Reset > Reset all Settings
"What is this?
It is only partial jailbreak. It installs Cydia on special web platform, You only can install some apps an themes from this Cydia, (very limited amount). Normal "untethered" jailbreak runs Cydia on "Cydia Substrate". It is specially designed platform. But Semi jailbreak cannot access to system root of iOS to install "Cydia Substrate". Therefore it creates special online web Platform to run the Cydia"
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Semi Jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5
Yes. It works properly with iOS 9.3.5 version now. SBJ developers successfully added the app for this version. So, it is highly recommend updating up to iOS 9.3.5 to work with limited functions Cydia apps. Visit jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 page for more details.