Why Should jailbreak iOS?

Once the launch iDevice in first time there was a huge disadvantage because there was no an option to customize the Device as users wish.  After then Saurik introduced Cydia third-party application installer to Apple Device to get Apple none relates applications to device customize.

Except Device customizes there are huge advantages of jailbreak. Some users do not have the clear idea about jailbreak and why should jailbreak the iOS device. So read here to get all information.

Why Should Jailbreak?

install iOS features without updating

Apple unveils so many new features with new iOS release. Example Apple released new features with iOS 10 beta / iOS 9 / iOS 8 and etc.

However, jailbroken users can install most of Apple new features without update device to latest iOS releases. See how to install Apple new features through jailbreak support.

iOS 10 features
support Cydia tweak
Raise to Wake FaceOff
Stickers in Messages StickerMe
Control Center pages Auxo
3D Touch on Weather App Shortcuts
Drawing in Messages Grafiti
Removing stock apps HideMeX, Springtomize
Lock Screen Widgets LockHTML
Control Center redesign Floater
Colorization of CC toggles Cream
3D touch on quick launch apps QuickCenter
Clear all notifications 3D Touch To Clear all Notifications
Notifications redesign WatchNotifications
Dark Mode Clock app Eclipse


iOS 9 features
support Cydia tweak
support Cydia tweak F.lux
Live photo PhotosLive / EnableLivePhotos
Emoji icons Emoji83+
Slide over Medusa /Splitify
Split View Splitify /Medusa
Picture in picture Medusa / VideoPane
QuickType PredictiveKeyboard


3D Touch

Tether / Snakebite / 3D Touch Notifications /

Forcy /appendix /revealMenu / Tactful


iOS 8 features
support Cydia tweak
Search in Settings SearchSettings
Quick Reply for Messages Auki



Notification Center Widgets

NCWeather / Social Sharing Widget

QuickMemo / WeeKillBackground

FavoriteContacts / BBSetting/WeeSearch

Third Party Keyboards Hipjot / TouchPal
QuickType KeyBoard PredictiveKeyboard


Touch ID

BioProtect / iTouchSecure / UnlockID

BioLaunch / Touchy / AppScan

BioLockdown /Applocker

Device customize

Customization is the main target of the jailbreak. With the Apple default settings, users cannot install any none relates Apple application to change the Device configuration. After the jailbreak, users can open up remove Apple restrictions.

Jailbreak Applications for Device customizeThemes / Wallpapers / Icon Changer / Doc customize applications available on Cydia and here are few of them.

Themes –- Jelly / Cherry / Flawless HD 9 / Golden / Ayka / Ace N iOS 9 / Ambre / 0bvious / VisioHD / BlackEdition / Soft for iOS 8 / UltraFlat / Ayeris / Andora

WallpapersvWallpaper 2 / iWallpapers / Live paper / iDynamic

Icon changerIcon masks / IconHarvster / Icon Resizer / Bigify+ / Athena 2 / Barrel 2

Doc customizeInfinidock / DockShift / TransparentDock / DockColor / Dock&Roll


Change System font

With iOS Default settings, users cannot change system fonts. Therefore, you should be jailbreak iOS  Device to change system font. In the jailbreak store, there are applications, which are supports to change system fonts.

Jailbreak fontsBaumans  / BytaFont 3 / ChinaCat / Exo / Lilly / Ness / Love Is Complicated Again

Change Boot logo animation

Stock iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users cannot change default White color Apple boot logo. However, if you interest to change it, you can do it through jailbreak.  There are unlimited tweaks available to replace custom Boot logo and animation. So iOS users must perform Devices through jailbreak to change custom Boot logo and animation.

Guide – How to Change Boot logo?


To run Flash animation

These days every web site has flash animation such as videos and games. So Adobe Flash is the main gateway to run flash content. However, Adobe Flash not supports to iOS powers iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices because of several reasons.  So jailbreak is the only solution to run Flash animations on iOS Devices.

Guide – How to install Flash with Jailbreak?


Install missing Safari functions

Safari is the default browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices. However, Apple not included some valuable functions to Safari Web Browser such as cannot Download files / Close all open tabs one time / Tab Count / File upload.  So iOS users should perform Devices through jailbreak to use those missing Safari functions.

Jailbreak tweaks for SafariSafari Download Enabler / SafariTabCount / CloseAll / ColorSafariProgress / QuickSwipe / LinkCollector / SafariSearchHider / SafariAlwaysPrivate8

Increase Music Application features

With iOS 8.4 version Apple introduced Music Application and Live radio application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. However, Apple not included some valuable functions to Music application. Therefore, iOS users should use jailbreak to install missing features. Missing Features – Lyrics function / Landscape support / Equalizer missing / cannot Download own Music / Mini Player not available.

Jailbreak tweaks for Apple musicMusicRotator / LyricForMusic / EqualizerEverywhere / MiniPlayer

Device can turn to Personal hotspot

After jailbreak, users can install tweaks, which are supports to make Device as the personal hotspot. After converting it, you can share internet connection with other Devices with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Jailbreak Tweaks for Personal HotspotTetherMe

To unlock levels of the games

There are lots of games on iTunes as a free and some amount. While playing those games, would be asked to purchase points or unlock to move next levels, and users cannot remove it with free.  Every purchasing requires game has iAP file which let you move next level. However, if you’re familiar to jailbreak, you can unlock further levels and play games as free.


In the Apple, Devices have the limited number of Ringtones and users cannot install third party ringtone without remove Apple default limitations.  However, after enabling Cydia application, users can get large no of Ringtones even users can create any Ringtone or can create the own voice to ringtone.

Jailbreak Applications for Ringtone makeAnyRing / UnlimTones / ToneEnabler / MyTones

File Access

After successfully jailbroken the Device users can be deep view and deep access into Device file system.  So after install  File Access relate applications users can view and modify directly all file type such as Movies / test / sound / PDF / Zip / HTML / Microsoft files.

File Access Jailbreak TweaksiFile / FileBrowser / SpotFile

Siri customize

Siri is the intelligent personal assistant application, which belongs to Apple. With Siri Application, users can make voice command to send a message / make a call, and / Sending mails / searching Web / make Facetime call and much more.  However, users cannot customize Siri Application. In the default settings, Apple provided language change / Voice gender change only.

However, with Cydia application iOS users can customize the Siri.

Jailbreak applications for Siri customize – Neurocube Siri / Lingual / SiriToggles / Hands Free Control / Sara / Neurotech Siri / AssistentExtensions / AssistentConnect / AssistentConnect 4S / MyAssistent / Spire / Sireet / Custom Siri Background / Siri Mic Colors

Space managing

iOS Device has limited storage, and users have to manage space batter Device performance. After familiar with the jailbreak, users can increase Device performance jailbreak applications.

Jailbreak Applications for Device space manageCleaner Pro / Disk Pie / iCleaner Pro

Increase battery life

Battery life drain issue is the biggest problem of Apple Devices. Sometimes stock battery life will not be enough to complete ongoing work. In the Default settings, there is not any option to increase Battery life, and users can increase battery life by changing device settings such as reduce Device brightness / Background Apps running kills / turn off location service.

However, after jailbreak, users can increase battery life more than before even without setting changes.

Jailbreak Applications for increase battery lifeBatteryPeek / 360 Battery Saver pro / iControl / Auto3G / BattSaver

why should not jailbreak?

Jailbreak is the only way to remove Apple default limitations running on iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch Devices. After jailbreak iDevices, users will have Cydia store access to install third party applications. So this is the main advantage of the jailbreak, and even there are too many reasons. Why should not jailbreak iOS Devices?

Most of the jailbreak applications now are on as default applications.

Exsample – FaceOff / Eclipse/StickerMe/Auxo / QuickCenter /3D Touch To Clear all Notifications / WatchNotifications / Medusa / Splitify / VideoPane / F.lux Cydia applications now support as default applications.

Invalidate Warranty

As per Apple, Jailbreak is the illegal process because it is directly removing Apple default rules and regulations, which are running on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and Apple TV. So after jailbroken, the Device no more belongs to Apple warranty.


iOS users can claim Apple warranty anytime after remove jailbreak. Read below can be removed jailbreak content for more info.

OTA updates not receiving

After released new iOS version, OTA updates not receiving for jailbroken users. Every time General tab showing Software updates. However, after click software update button not displaying anything.


iOS users have two options for software update one is OTA, and another one is iTunes. So jailbroken users can upgrade devices through iTunes support. Even some jailbreak tools not compatible with OTA. So iTunes upgrade is the best option for iOS upgrade.

Battery drains issue

Battery drain is the biggest problem of the iDevices. Jailbroken users are always complaining single battery charges not enough to cover even one day.


Jailbroken users can increase battery life more than stock device users with support of Cydia tweak.

Cydia tweaks for battery incraese – Power Saver Mode / BattSaver / 360 Battery Saver Pro / BatteryDoctorPro

Less security

Recent past all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users has been attacked by XcodeGhost Malware.


At that time Pangu jailbreak team released XcodeGhost Malware remove tool before Apple involves removing this issue.  So jailbreak can make your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch more secure.

Guides – YiSpecter Malware

Guides – XcodeGhost Malware

Can be removed jailbreak?

Most of the users think jailbreak cannot be removable. It is wrong. Jailbreak is 100% reversible and do does not worry if you’re facing unexpected errors while using jailbreak.

A little while ago Saurik introduced a new application to remove jailbreak completely without having iTunes support. It is Cydia Impactor. With the initial release, support only iOS 8.4 and iOS 8.1 versions, and now Saurik is busy to develop it up to iOS 9.1 jailbreak.


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