What can expect from Apple 2015 September live event?

Apple next live event going to hold 9 September at Bill Graham auditorium in San Francisco, California at 10 am.  In previous, every Apple Live events Apple brought new Devices / IOS releases and Watch OS releases. Here are the summaries of previous live event’s releases.

2013 September Live event

The initial Live event happened on 2013 September and with this event Apple CEO Tim Cook released iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s Devices. In this, event also announced IOS 7 releases.

2013 October Live event

In his live event Apple CEO introduced new iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina Display Devices.

2014 June Live event

This was the biggest live event of the Apple because Apple producers previewed IOS 8 version as officially.

2014 September Live event

In this event Apple Developers released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus Devices along with Apple Watch. The Apple leading paying system called Apple Pay released on this event.

2014 October Live event

Apple Developers added new iPad Devices to iPad family by introducing iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Devices.

2015 March Live event

iOS 8.2 version released on this day along with exact release dates for Apple Watch.


Expecting releases with 2015 September Live event

iOS 9

IOS 9 is an upcoming operation version for iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch Devices. With this releases Apple is going to add unique number of features to those Devices.

WatchOS 2

Most probably Apple Developers will release Watch OS 2 version in this live event. With WatchOS 2 version, Apple Developers going to add third party apps run ability for Apple Watch.

Apple TV

In March 2012, Apple released third generation of Apple TV. So after 2012 Apple not released new Apple TV. As per rumors news Apple going to release new Apple TV device, which is called Apple TV 4 generation.  Rumors saying new Apple TV will support to Siri Personal assistant service.


iPad Pro

iPad Pro is another Device which is going to release in September live event as per rumors news sources. According to rumors display size will come closer to MacBook display size something like 12.9 inches.  The ForceTouch is a new feature which is come with Apple Watch and according to rumors iPad Pro will have ForceTouch feature.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus

In this event, all are focusing IOS 9 release and new iPhone releases. Most probably Apple will release iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus Devices in this live event. These two devices will have A9 processor / 12 megapixel camera / 5 megapixel front camera / 2GB ram / 16 GB internal storage / 4k video capture, etc.

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