why Apple still hate to Adobe flash

Most of the web sites have flash animation content such as Videos / Games. So without Adobe flash, cannot play those kinds of flash contents.  Adobe Flash supports all major operation systems like Windows / Linux / Mac OS X and unfortunately iOS users cannot use Adobe Flash with several reasons.

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Exact reasons for Adobe Flash limitations

Express battery corrosion

Device Poor performance

Less Security

Less Touch support

Apple not allowing third-party software installations.

On other hands, Adobe has announced that they are not supporting to Mobile platforms.


If Adobe flash not support to iOS, How to play flash content?

iOS users can get Flash with two types of methods such as –

Install third party Web browsers, which is supports to play Flash content

Install Adobe Flash via using Cydia package.


How to install Flash with Jailbreak?

Currently iOS 8.4 is the latest jailbreak support version and unfortunately there are no Flash compatible Cydia packages for iOS 8.4. However, below iOS 4 users can install app called “Frash”

The Frash is a Flash player plugin for Safari Web browser and after install it, iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch can play Flash content easily.


How to install Frash?

Open Cydia and click Manage

Add below source URL

repo.benm.at and click Add Source

After install Source search Frash and once found it install

Now open Safari and open adobe official site.

After open you can see “Flash” on grey aria and click it.

Now all your Flash content will start with support of Frash



How to get Flash with third party Browsers?

This method can use either jailbroken users or non jailbroken users. Only need to do use official Apple store and download third party browsers.


Puffin Web browser

Puffin is a perfect web browser for support Adobe Flash. All iPhone and iPad Device are fully compatible to install it without having jailbreak.  4.4.1 is the latest version of the Puffin Browser and support too many languages and iOS 6.0 and later iPhone and iPad users can install it via iTunes store.


Skyfire Web browser

This is another real Web browser for support run flash content on iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch Devices. After install it to your iDevice can stream live news / games and all flash contents even it is supports to handle FaceBook and Twitter Social sites.


Cloud Browse

This is another perfect browser to play flash content on iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch without using Adobe Flash. 5.4 is the latest version of it and require iOS 4.3 and later versions for installations. All Compatible iOS users can install it via iTunes store.


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