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After Released Apple, most advance iOS 9 version, Apple has been attacked by new iOS malware which is called XcodeGhost. The XcodeGhost is the crummy version of Apple Xcode.  Due to this crummy XcodeGhost malware attack, now most of iOS Applications are out of order.

pangu jailbreak xcodeghost

How to effecting XcodeGhost?

XcodeGhost is effecting both stock and jailbroken iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch Devices because all attacked applications are available on official App store.

So after Download those effected to your Specific iOS Device, hackers will start to collect your data such as the infected application name / current time / Device model and Device Type / user country and System language / Network type and UDID number of your Device.

iOS users should uninstall those kinds of effected applications urgently or update to newer version of the effected app which is removed malware attack. Another option is reset all Devices passcodes and iCloud Password of your Devices.

The Reuters had meeting with Apple Developers regarding Xcode matter, and Spokeswoman Christine Monaghan said has been removed all effected applications informed to all Developers to not to install Xcode from untrusted sources.

Apple officially announced all XcodeGhost malware effected application by releasing XcodeGhost FAQ page. So with this Apple’s official XcodeGhost FAQ page users can get all of details about XcodeGhost malware.

So this malware attack happened because of slow internet speed on China and Apple said we are working to make Download speed much faster. In inside the USA only takes 25 minutes to Download Xcode and in Chine takes around 1.5 hour.

Here are the effected applications according to Apple. However, now effected Applications removed from Apple store. So if you installed below applications on previously recommended to delete from your Device. Apple informs to check XcodeGhost FAQ page time to time for check more updates


DiDi Taxi

58 Classified – Job, Used Cars, Rent

Gaode Map – Driving and Public Transportation

Railroad 12306


China Unicom Customer Service (Official Version)

CarrotFantasy 2: Daily Battle

Miraculous Warmth

Call Me MT 2 – Multi-server version

Angry Bird 2 – Yifeng Li’s Favorite

Baidu Music – A Music Player that has Downloads, Ringtones, Music Videos, Radio, and Karaoke

DuoDuo Ringtone

NetEase Music – An Essential for Radio and Song Download

Foreign Harbor – The Hottest Platform for Oversea Shopping

Battle of Freedom (The MOBA mobile game)

One Piece – Embark (Officially Authorized)

Let’s Cook – Recipes
Heroes of Order & Chaos – Multiplayer Online Game

Dark Dawn – Under the Icing City (the first mobile game sponsored by Fan BingBing)

I Like Being With You

Himalaya FM (Audio Book Community)


Flush HD

Encounter – Local Chatting Tool

XcodeGhost Malware effected applications

About Xcode and how to Download it?

Normally, Xcode using Apple registerd Developer to create their applications to IOS versions and OS X versions. First Xcode release happened in 2003, and 7.0 is the latest release of Xcode. Xcode is available in Mac App store free of charge, and registered Developers can download it Apple Developer website.

Xcode packages sizes are nearly coming 3GB and most of the countries include China have slow internet speed. So with those Difficulties users cannot install Apple’s larger files very quickly.  Therefore, users Download Xcode some untrusted Sources.


Jailbreak and Malware attack

Apple always informing to all iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch user’s jailbreaking is opened up Devices to Malware attacks and jailbreak have security issues.  On 2015 August Built-in backdoors jailbreak tweak stolen 225,000 users iCloud login information. So jailbreak is a no more valid matter for malware attack because XcodeGhost effected mainly official Apple store applications.  So XcodeGhost is effected both stock and jailbroken Devices.


Jailbreak Tweaks for scan XcodeGhost effected tweaks

The Pangu team released new tweak for analyzes XcodeGhost effected applications. However, this is the only available method for remove those kinds of XcodeGhost Malware effected applications.  Therefore, you must perform iOS Device by jailbreaking. Unfortunately iOS 9 and iOS 8.4.1 users are not allowed to use Pangu malware removal tool because there are no proper tools for iOS 9 jailbreak and iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak.

pangu team xcode

Here’s how to install Pangu Malware removal tool and how to use it for analyze?

Use this link for install Pangu malware checking tool and it works Safari and Chrome web browsers.

After Download click Blue button.

Pangu again Popup dialog box with install button.

Now you will have App icon on your HomeScreen

Now go through Settings > General > Profiles and now you would see new profile naming as “Shenzhen Avaintel Technology Co.,Ltd”

Click the profile and click again Trust button on the popup screen.

Now it will start to check your Device against XcodeGhost malware attack. Once you’re Device free you can see Green color check mark.

XcodeGhost Malware pangu tool

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